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Visconti è 100% made in Italy, i nostri prodotti nascono e vengono spediti da Firenze. A causa dell'emergenza sanitaria, le spedizioni sono momentaneamente sospese.
Gli ordini effettuati dal 24 Marzo in poi saranno regolarmente evasi non appena verrà decretato il nulla osta alla ripresa delle attività produttive da parte del Governo.
Visconti's products are 100% made in Italy and shipped directly from our headquarters in Florence. Because of the health emergency, all shipments have been temporarily put on hold.
Orders placed after the 24th of March will be processed as soon as the government gives the authorization to resume production activities.

Visconti Italy

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Legal Warranty


The products purchased on are accompanied by a legal warrantee covering any production defects (ex. defects of the goods or materials, defects in assembly ) for a period of 24 months from the date of shipment of the product.

The warranty does not cover defects due to improper use or normal wear and tear.

For details on product warranty conditions see 
The legal guarantee can not be claimed by those who purchased the products in the context of their business or professional activity, indicating their VAT number.

The legal guarantee gives the right to request at the consumer's choice, - repair or replacement of the goods at no cost, provided that the solution requested is not impossible or excessively burdensome respect to the alternative, considered: the extent of any defect, the value of the product without defect and the possibility that this alternative can be implemented avoiding significant inconveniences to the customer.
In the event that the repair or replacement  were impossible, too expensive or involve significant inconveniences for the customer and are not effective to solve the problem, the customer has the right to request a price reduction or termination of the contract.

In determining the amount of the reduction or the sum to be repaid,  the use of the asset has to be considered.
For minor defects for which it was not possible to repair or replace the product, the contract can not be terminated.

Visconti carries out the repair or replacement of the product within a maximum time of 60 days from receipt of the same from an authorized Visconti dealer, excluding the time needed to get spare parts not immediately available.
The customer must send the product to a Visconti sales point, which will send the defective product to a  Visconti service centre.
The nearest point of sale to the customer will be indicated on the store locator of the website.

For information the customer can contact Visconti by calling the phone number + 39-055-45652.1 or write by e-mail to